University of East London and The University of Buckingham on board


Tor Rise Consultancy is delighted to have University of East London and The University of Buckingham join our growing list of partners.

University of East London (UEL) is one of the UK's most diverse and fast-growing universities, with more than 28,000 students from 120 countries worldwide

The university is renowned for providing international students with excellent support services. UEL was ranked number one in the UK for its visa advice and language support (International Student Barometer). UEL is among London's leading universities for employability. Over 80 per cent of UEL students go on to work or further study six months after finishing their studies.

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The University of Buckingham is the only university independent of direct government support in the United Kingdom and has used its independence to pioneer a distinctive approach to higher education.

Buckingham has pioneered the two-year honours degree. Studying for two years at Buckingham allows you to gain an equivalent degree to one achieved in three years elsewhere. This is made possible by our restructuring of the academic year to provide an additional term each summer. So you fit in the same number of teaching weeks as on a conventional three-year programme, but your work-load in any term is no greater.

Buckingham is not a ‘crammer’ and we don’t cut corners. Following your Bachelor’s with a Master’s at Buckingham means that you can gain a postgraduate degree in just three years. This could set you apart in that all important job application.

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