About Us


Tor Rise Consultancy Limited (TRC) is a UK education, corporate training and visa advisory company, based in Nigeria. We are the official partner of some of the UK’s leading universities and the UK’s leading corporate training provider and we provide visa facilitation services for Nigerian students and corporate travellers who wish to travel to the UK.

Our first class visa counselling service helps to ensure that visa applications have the best possible chance of being approved. We draw upon over 12 years experience of working for the UK's Visa and Immigration departments in Nigeria. We also provide event management services for corporate clients based in the UK and Nigeria.

Tim Nicholson


Our CEO, Tim Nicholson has been based in Nigeria since 2005. During this period he has been employed by the UK Home Office in their visa and immigration department (UKVI) as an Entry Clearance Officer and Manager.

He comes with outstanding depth of knowledge of the UK Immigration Rules, UKVI’s in-house procedures and working practices. Tim was UKVI’s Nigeria representative on student related matters (and their representative at major education exhibitions), their operational lead on student visa decision quality and he managed the appeals process. He has also specialised in document fraud and received training from the UK’s National Document Fraud Unit.

Tim and his family love Nigeria are very passionate about assisting Nigerians who wish to develop themselves and their organisations through further education or corporate training in the UK.


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